saber la contraseña de mi Wifi - Ver clave Wifi a la que estoy conectado

If you do not have the knowledge to know the password of my WiFI, see the WiFI key of the network in which you are connected, then you should continue reading.

Today security is paramount, in fact, with the advancement of technology it is already possible to even set a password to applications.

With Wi-Fi it was not going to be the exception, although it is something that has been possible for a long time. Knowing the password will allow you to change it if it is the case and thus protect the Wi-Fi and eliminate intruders. In this way, you can check that the loading speed of a web page will be the same as always, even better.

And not only the key of the network in which you are connected, but the key of the networks that you previously connected. You just have to keep reading so that you learn these little tricks that will help at any time.

How to Know the Password of my WiFi – See WiFi Key to which I am Connected

Know the WiFi password from the computer

Of the many ways that exist to verify the WiFi password using the computer, you can do the following which is through the network center.

  • First you are going to select the Windows ” Start ” button and select “Control Panel”.
  • In the new window you are going to select the option “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Now you are going to select the option of your WiFI where you must be connected, which is called ” Wireless network connection “.
  • In the small window that appears, you will select on “Wireless Properties” and then you will select on the tab called ” Security “.
  • In this window, the WiFI key where you are connected appears, in the “Network security key” part. You just have to place the ” Show characters ” check box.

In this way you will know the password of my WiFI where you are currently connected.

ajustes wifi

In case you want to know the password of the WiFi that are saved in your computer, in which you previously connected, you must do the following:

  • Following the previous steps, you must go to the window of “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • On the left you are going to select the option “Manage wireless networks”, in this window all the networks you have previously connected to will appear.
  • When selecting any with the right click, you must select the ” Properties ” option from the pop-up window.
  • Select the ” Security ” tab again and press the “Show characters” box to indicate the password for the WiFi network.

Know the WiFi password from your mobile

If you have a mobile with Android 9 or a lower system, the only possibility to know the password of my WiFi is through an application that needs root access.

Install the App to see the WiFi password

There are many applications that allow you to see the WiFi passwords that you have previously added to your mobile. But in this case, I invite you to install the WiFi Password Viewer, which really does the job we need to do on all devices.

You observe the passwords that are saved

When you start the application, it will tell you to accept superuser permissions. Tap on ” OK ” in the window that appears on your screen. Automatically a list will appear in which there is a list that has all the Wi-Fi networks that you have previously added.

señal wifi

You can see that the name of the WiFi appears at the top, and the password appears at the bottom. In case you have connected to several WiFi networks over time with your device, then the list that will appear may be a bit long.

In case it is, you can simply use the search engine to find the name of the network you want and observe the password.

Share passwords that have been saved

In case you want to share any of the saved passwords with another device, you have several options. You can start by selecting any name from the list and a small window will appear with a menu.

From this option you must select “Copy password” for that network, and you can paste it into a message to send it to anyone you want.

Or, you can skip this process and select “Share” , now select the text application you want in the window that appears and send the password.

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