One of the largest and most famous channel groups in Spain is called Atresmedia. This fame is due to the quality series and films that have been released over the years (also programs). It is for these reasons that everyone wants to know how to handle their app, and with that in mind today you will learn to watch Atresmedia live and Atresmedia on demand.

And, in case you didn’t know, Atresmedia allows everyone in Spain and the world to watch its series live or on demand through the official Atresplayer page (its player), or even better using its mobile application .

How can I watch Atresmedia Live and Atresmedia a la Carta Easily?

How to watch Atresmedia live and Atresmedia on demand?

Now, to go directly to the point that interests you and quickly learn how to watch Atresmedia live and Atresmedia on demand, what you have to know is that it does not matter if you are in the app or on the Atresplayer page, the process to start watching series and movies is almost the same (the interface is almost the same).

Therefore, for the purposes of this tutorial, you will be explained how to use the application, since this way you will also learn how to use the official page. To achieve that you have to download the application for free from the PlayStore or AppStore.

atresmedia studios blanco y negro

When you already have it, you must proceed to install it and enter it, at first it will not be necessary to create a user, because you can use Atresplayer as an anonymous and enjoy its live programming without paying.

If you want to see direct, you just have to press the icon with three horizontal stripes that is in the upper left part of the screen. When doing so, a menu will be displayed where the series categories will appear, and first there will be a section called “Live” , which you must enter.

Once inside, you can choose (just by touching them) an immense variety of channels that are broadcasting live as if it were TV. It should be noted that if you are a free user, the quality of the streaming and its sound will be limited to the simplest, in order to change the quality, speed up and improve the video streaming you must register.

How to watch Atresmedia on demand?

Now that you know the first part of the answer to the question, How to watch Atresmedia live and Atresmedia on demand? It is time to finish answering this question by showing you how to watch your favorite series.

Achieving this is just as easy as watching live programs, all you have to do is go to the icon with three horizontal stripes and choose a category, such as children or action.

Once you have done it, you will get a menu with the latest chapters of the series available on the Atresmedia channels, and some chapters or seasons of American series such as The Big Bang Theory, which you can see just by touching them.

atresmedia presentador

However, in this case not everyone can enjoy all the programs, as free or anonymous users do not have access to the full catalog . To really see all the on-demand programs you must subscribe (its operation is similar to how Twitch Prime works for example).

If you want to subscribe or go Premium, you have to touch the icon of your user that is in the corner of the screen. There you will get the option “Become Premium”, which will allow you to enter a payment method for the subscription that costs 3 euros per month.

When you have it, you will be free to see what you want whenever you want , either in the app or the PC page. And voila, with that you know how to watch Atresmedia live and Atresmedia on demand, so you just have to follow the steps indicated.

Remember that if at any time you get bored with this alternative, you can always look for how MiTele Plus works, or any other program that allows you to watch series live or streaming.

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