The Amazon Photos platform is a new strategy provided by this company to enable benefits and new interfaces for those who want to manage their gallery through a digital platform.

In this way, each of the people that is part of the community has a backup source that will allow them to lighten the space occupied on the device .

How Can I Upload My Photos to Amazon Photos to Save them in the Cloud

Likewise, the popularity of these digital galleries has increased significantly over the last few years, as their characteristics allow you to work and organize multimedia content in a totally different way than what you were used to.

That is why Amazon has made the decision to dare to create a medium capable of providing these benefits, including a series of unique tasks that will distinguish it from all the others that are available on the market.

How can I merge my device or computer with Amazon Photos?

Despite being a platform consistently compared to other popular backup media, this Amazon program continues to set the tone in a positive way.

Having media that can be used through mobile devices, computers, Smart TV and other advanced technology equipment, is a favorable program for the user, which improves over time in order to increase the experience within the platform .

Enjoy the Amazon Photos service

Being clearly a program that must be paid for by whoever uses it, everyone should be clear that when they are subscribed to Amazon Prime, they have the space enabled for Amazon Photos , so the synchronization will only have to be specified through your team. preference.

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This step is possible by simply downloading the program to the device that will be used to manage the loading and backup of the multimedia data, however the account can be accessed from any means , regardless of whether or not it is the synchronization source.

How can you upload the images to Amazon Photos from your computer?

Unlike other platforms, whose synchronization enables automatic backup of multimedia content, Amazon Photos requires the previous loading of all images , in order to work and enjoy this gallery. When downloading photos and videos to your mobile or PC, the Amazon Photos app works the same way that Google Photos does.

Achieving it will only require access through a computer that contains what you want to save through this platform, either your mobile device of choice or a common computer.

When you start the application, you will find the option to “Add content” in the upper right part of the screen, within which you can choose whether you prefer to upload an individual image or a folder with everything you need to upload to Amazon.

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Once all your content has been loaded, you will be able to enjoy the services that this platform offers for you, and you will even be able to share it wherever you like.

Benefits of Amazon Photos

Despite being a platform that must be previously paid for by the user who wishes to use it, the amount of benefits it provides makes it worth every euro that is invested in it.

Mainly, its price is significantly low , because to this day it remains at a standard lower than five euros per month, in order to facilitate its access to the large community that wants to use it.

In the same way, it is able to carry out the most common edits that are applied to images, such as brightness, shadows, saturation, among others.

It makes it possible to share the content of your images with an intimate family circle , which should not exceed six people, who will also be able to enjoy the unlimited space that is provided to your Amazon Photos account.

Because this platform monitors the content that is entered into it, in case you want to cancel the subscription or stop using it, you should know that you have the possibility to delete all your images quickly.

In case of overlooking this task, you should not worry because the same Amazon system is responsible for eliminating what has been forgotten within its platform.

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