Currently millions of people have chosen streaming content platforms as their entertainment branch, these platforms allow you to enjoy a large list of movies and series , and one of those platforms is Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Previously, Amazon Prime Video was released, which offered its subscribers more than 100 million movies of all genres and more than 30 million series and mini series. But the creators of this platform have decided to expand by creating Amazon Prime Video Channels .

This new concept offers a great, super varied catalog, since many people now decide to choose when and what to watch instead of waiting for the usual programs on TV.

One of the objectives of Amazon Prime Video Channels is to obtain a greater number of loyal users, that is why it offers these services without attacking the pocket of its customers, that is, the subscription is very economical and can be enjoyed by family members without matter age.

And it is that for lovers of movies and series it is crucial to find a good platform that provides new and updated content and that is why Amazon Prime Video Channels has prepared to offer the best content to its viewers. Would you like to know a little more about everything that the new version of Amazon Prime offers? So stay with us and pay close attention.

What can you find on Amazon Prime Video Channels?

Amazon Prime Video Channels has been created with the aim of offering a wide variety of content, especially aimed at those users who prefer streaming platforms and love to watch last-minute series and movies.

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With this new version of Amazon prime you can find more than 500 new channels, including those of HBO, In addition, with Amazon Prime Video Channels you can add new platforms and share content. By accessing its catalog you can view a fairly wide list that includes several channels such as:

  • Mezzo.
  • MGM.
  • Mubi.
  • Starzplay and many more.

In addition, you can find movies for the smallest of the house in one place, and its great variety of content will leave you astonished . But still don’t know how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video Channels? Do not worry, here we teach you how to do it, pay close attention because we will show you the steps you must take.

Learn how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video Channels right now

We have already shown you the wide variety of content that you can find on Amazon Prime Video Channels and you are surely eager to subscribe right now, or simply reactivate your old Amazon Prime subscription and I do not blame you, we are dying to subscribe. Luckily for you, we will teach you to do it simply and efficiently without so many protocols.

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The first thing you should do is download the app on your device, after it is installed correctly select, in the menu area the option “Channels”, there you will come across the option ” Subscribe to channels ” select it and choose the channel line what you wish.

The platform will automatically direct you to the subscription option where you will fill out a form with your data and credit card number, remember that it is a 100% secure platform and you can cancel whenever you want with complete confidence.

Also, when you start as a new subscriber you will enjoy a free trial month . This free trial period will allow you to enjoy the content and if you wish you can cancel it before the monthly payment of the platform begins.

Now that you know the great benefits that Amazon Prime Video Channels offers and how easy it is to subscribe to this platform, it is time for you to subscribe right now. If you and your family are lovers of movies and series, you will surely enjoy this subscription to the fullest, the best of all is that you can enjoy movies and series on their channels for only $ 9.99 per month .

Also, you can choose which packages to use and save yourself more money. We hope you enjoyed this article and now know how and where to find entertainment for the whole family.

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