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In today’s world, making use of social pages has gone from a fashion to a necessity, but there are people in the world who do not know how to use them correctly.

How can I change the language of my Facebook from English to Spanish from the Mobile

It is special if you want to configure your options or make use of a special function to interact with other platforms of this type. That is why we are going to explain to you how I can change the language of my Facebook from English to Spanish from my mobile .

The different functions that the Facebook social network has are very complete and range from publishing photos and videos. Share stories from Instagram, upload several photos at the same time, see past stories, in short, there are many things you can do, but there are also many that you do not know and one of them is to change the language of my Facebook from English to Spanish .

It may seem a bit difficult to perform this action and especially if it is from your mobile and even more so, if it is a new equipment and you do not know how to maneuver it with ease. But do not worry, in this article we are going to teach you with very easy steps to do how to change this configuration for your benefit. Let’s get started.

How can I change my Facebook language from English to Spanish

This step that we are going to carry out works for any mobile device since what we are going to change is the Facebook configuration and not the mobile one. This is a situation that occurs very frequently when you first install this social network on your mobile. Since by default it can.

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Having it in your native language is very convenient to avoid certain complications. But let me tell you that if you have the application in English, you can make use of certain functions that the Spanish language does not offer. One of them is the advanced search , where you perform this search by location, by city or by name.

We have told you that it is easy to change the language, but for those who do not know how to do it, it may be a bit difficult to access the language change options. But do not worry, here you will find a small guide that will take you step by step to carry out this action and you can change the language of my Facebook from English to Spanish from my mobile phone .

This procedure can be applied to change the language from English to Spanish, but it can also be done from any language to another. Basically to start we are going to go to our Facebook account and log in. While in the application we are going to go to the upper right.

Using the Settings & Privacy option

At this point we will find an icon that is formed by three horizontal lines, we must select there by pressing with the finger. Next, a window will open with several options. In this window we can find options such as videos, events, pages, position, see more, jobs, etc. But written in English.

Next we are going to go down to look for the Settings & Privacy option , which means settings and privacy. We click on this option and new options will appear, we will look for the one that says Lenguage. This option means language, we press there and a great variety of languages or languages will appear, I think there are all those that are used in the world.

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Here in this window we will notice that the English option is selected. We will then go on to look for the language, in our case we are going to select Spanish, we do this by pressing the circle next to the language. When you do this, the new configuration will begin to load and the changes will be shown in a few seconds.

And it will be ready, your Facebook has changed the language and you can verify that you can read and understand everything that says why you have changed the language. You see, it is very easy to quickly configure the options and know how I can change the language of my Facebook from English to Spanish from my mobile.

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