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In the days of the grandparents you could only call from the landline that was in the house. It was a large appliance and it was always placed in the living room. But now with the advancement of technology, a wide range of options has been opened to be communicated. And in today’s post we will show you a way to make free cell phone calls online .

Call Free to Cellular by Internet – Application for Calls | TuFono

Today it is common for people to have a mobile phone. We use them every day and need them to keep in touch with family and friends. We cannot imagine life without them. We have the need to be in communication but sometimes when we make a call it is costly for our pocket.

But there are several communication applications that are very useful and that do not generate much cost of money, they can even be free, such as the calls that WhatsApp allows and even video calls, and others that you can make from your Mac or Windows operating systems.

Free calls to cell phones online How does it work?

When we make calls through the data network, we can be consuming approximately 0.2 MB per minute. This data consumption depends on the quality and speed of the operator’s network that we have. Until recently, many people were not attracted to the idea of making calls using the internet. But with the rise of different applications that facilitate communication, people have started to change their minds.

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To make free cell phone calls over the internet you only need to download one of the many applications that are offered, or directly from your browser .

If the person you want to call is using a cell phone that doesn’t have access to data or WiFi, there are certain options you can use. To do it from the computer’s browser , without having to download or register on any page, you have the following options:

  • Poptox: it is a website that allows you to make free calls, you just have to enter the page. Upon entering the main page you will select the country you want to call and use the number buttons to enter the number.
  • VolPStunt and VolPBuster: these are pages that offer you the possibility of making free calls. You can make free calls to landlines and mobiles at low cost. But free calls only last one minute.
  • iEvaphone: works in a similar way to Poptox, it allows you to make free calls from the browser. You can make 4 free calls a day.

TuFono application

We have seen several pages that allow you to make calls from the browser on your computer; But, if we want to make a free call to a cell phone from our own mobile, what can we do? We know that there is a wide variety of applications to make free calls to cell phones from our mobile device.

Surely you will already have an application on your phone that you use to communicate; but we will recommend one that you may not have heard of. It is an application developed by the company Tu Familia, INC. Which is a company that is operated by Latinos and for Latinos.

The mission of the company is to provide a quality service that helps develop the Latino community. So we invite you to download TuFono as it is an application that uses the data network (WiFi, 3G, 4G / LTE) to make calls wherever you want. You can make calls to mobile or landlines, be they local, national or international calls.

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With the TuFono application you can make app – app calls, so you can contact all those who belong to the TuFono Family. TuFono users can earn free minutes by answering surveys within the application. In addition, you can also buy additional minutes within the same application.

We recommend you download the application and you can see for yourself the advantages and benefits of using it. You can communicate with family and friends and best of all, for free from your mobile device. If you liked the information, we encourage you to share it or comment on our publication; and keep visiting our page to find out about other topics.

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