Learning English is very important as it opens many doors for us in the labor field, because in this globalized world, companies seek to expand their horizons and if you want to belong to one, learning English should be an option for you.

Unfortunately, the courses to learn this important language are usually quite expensive and some of them do not even give you the necessary sufficiency so that you can develop naturally in the English language.

Babbel vs Duolingo – Which App is Best for Learning Languages?

The great advantage is that there are many useful and effective applications that are capable of teaching you to speak and write in English . Babbel and Duolingo stand out among them, however, which of them is better? Which one guarantees better results?

In the following article we will review the characteristics of each one and give our final conclusions about which app is more useful and effective for learning languages.

Babbel vs Duolingo

When making a decision for one application or another, factors such as exercises, levels of difficulty, understandable pronunciation by the voice assistant and voice recognition must be taken into account.

In that sense, Duolingo is a very good alternative since it has 25 learning levels that increase its difficulty so that you can better immerse yourself in the language.

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For its part, Babbel has a large number of hours of learning and the great alternative of being able to download courses and lessons , so that you can continue studying even when you don’t have internet.

On the other hand, if you are going to start from scratch, both are very good options, however, if you have an intermediate level, Babbel may not be the best alternative, since the courses are usually oriented for users with very basic levels, so the most recommended option to advance to an intermediate level is Duolingo.

Similarly, Duolingo has its premium or subscription version called Duolingo Plus, where the classes are much more personalized than in the free version and the progress you can have in the language is more accelerated.

Babbel Features

The Babbel app has been on the market since 2007 with the goal of teaching users new languages from scratch, ensuring quality learning.

It has a wide variety of languages that include English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Dutch among many others. It is totally free and is available for both Androids and iOS.


  • You can watch each lesson at your own pace and when you enter again you will continue where you left off
  • In addition to using it on mobile devices, you can also use it on computers , so you can always carry out your lessons.
  • It focuses on grammar, so it gives you a foundation at the time of writing.
  • It has a clear audio system so that you can effectively hear and understand the correct pronunciation of phrases and words.


  • This application is not free, so you have to pay a monthly fee of $ 12.95 per month to enjoy its benefits.
  • Does not offer featured lessons for users with an intermediate-advanced language proficiency

Duolingo Features

The Duolingo application is much newer in relation to Babbel, however, it has millions of downloads, but it stands out for its way of teaching its very didactic lessons and giving the impression that it is a game.

It has 25 levels where you will see lessons of all kinds that will increase in difficulty as they progress, training you in the best way.


logo de duolingo

Duolingo has the peculiarity that if you do not use it for a long period of time, it will send you notifications for you to use it and your progress will decrease. This is because when you do not practice something on a regular basis, you lose skill in it, prompting users, in some way, to use the app.


  • The application is totally free
  • It allows you to study two languages simultaneously
  • In his lessons he mixes text, images and audio to make learning more interactive and effective.
  • Includes lessons for more than 56 languages


  • You need an internet connection to use the app
  • It is a more beginner oriented application
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