Arena of Valor was born in order to dispute a position among the best MOBA-type games similar to League of Legends. And why not get over it, if you continue to develop successfully. However, there is currently a fierce competitor called Mobile Legends. Hence, the debate arises: Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends. Who wins the award as the best of both?

As expected, each game has its fans and its detractors according to certain experiences. Nonetheless, it’s worth looking into the various gaming factors each have to offer. You are wasting your time? Not at all, if you are within the group of people who do not opt for one, you should read this tutorial.

Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends Which is Better? Advantages and Disadvantages of each Game

Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends Find out what is true and what is a lie about this debate!

Much is said in relation to this issue, since a future successor for LoL is at stake. Although creating an account in League of Legends is still a frequent act, more and more people are opting for other games.

Basically, both games belong to the same category, the already world famous MOBAs. Both Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends are two game platforms developed mainly for mobile devices.

Therefore, if you have an edition of the Android OS with good features or the Apple OS, you can download them. And yes, regarding this part, doubts will probably arise around the graphics and game modes, but they cover well in that regard.

nintendo arena of valor

Regardless of exactly whether you own Android or the popular Apple IOS , you can surely enjoy the experience. Don’t be swayed by extreme comments from the Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends debate. Basically, everything that is mentioned about it is very little verified.

Throwing fuel on the fire Check out the pros and cons of Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends!

Next, you will take a walk through certain brief comparisons to finally seal the Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends debate. Read each one of them carefully and the doubts in your mind will surely be cleared.

First Round The graphics!

While it is true that Mobile Legends has been experiencing a tremendous increase, its graphics can still improve. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either when compared to Arena of Valor . They are of a less realistic pixelated aspect in relation to those that AOV handles in its interface.

Second round Are they free?

Both premises are completely free to download, what varies are the ways to get everything they include. The use of real money in Arena of Valor is only limited to obtaining vouchers to obtain heroes and other items more quickly.

In contrast, Mobile Legends allows the awarding of add-ons upon payment, which improve game levels by a minimum percentage. Despite the fact that AOV is practically free in every way, it is impossible to take advantage of everything you buy in the store.

juegos vs juuegos

Round Three Who works best in the long run?

An important detail of the Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends dispute is how profitable they are in the future and what is in store for them. In short, both adapt perfectly to the demands of their consumers. The amount of heroes and characters they handle are juicy, as well as the game modes.

But, not all that glitters is time. It is a matter of time for League of Legends to adapt to the world of mobile devices. Experts predict a rapid decline in the popularity of these games, so it only remains to continue enjoying them.

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