In the world of musical entertainment we have a wide variety of resources. One that has caught our attention is that of the Amazon company. What makes us think that it suits us better. In this edition we will help you choose. Amazon Prime Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited. Which is the best? What is the difference between them?

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is a powerful resource of the Amazon company, as a streaming music platform; being a platform in competition to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music. It is a subscription service, which offers its clients free access to more than 2 million songs, this includes reaching hundreds of stations.

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It also has a range of advantages for family entertainment and enjoyment. Depending on your needs, include an ideal category for those who need music to work or be inspired, they have “Work and concentration” .

Classic rock, classical music, even natural sounds and acoustic versions are available.! Another feature is that it includes Karaoke. Amazon Prime music, gives you the lyrics of your songs with karaoke style. More information about this service, we leave you a link to its official website.

Amazon Music Unlimited

It is a music streaming service platform without limits. With over 45 million music files , you can listen to music freely without the trouble of commercials, you can also create custom playlists . You even have the ability to download music to listen to it without an internet connection whenever you want.

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Taking into account the aforementioned, you can already imagine their differences. But to make things easier for you, we will indicate more clearly their advantages and what you can get from them.

  • As for the number of songs . Amazon Prime Music has more than 2 million, while Amazon Music Unlimited offers more than 60 million songs.
  • Hearing limit . Amazon Prime offers 40 hours of music per month. Amazon Unlimited, as the name implies, is unlimited.
  • Amazon Prime Music does not allow you to select playlists , only those chosen by experts, while Amazon Unlimited does.
  • Amazon Unlimited gives you the scoop on the latest releases . Amazon Prime no.
  • In both services you enjoy music without advertising . You can also enjoy offline mode. And they are compatible with the same electronic devices (Car equipment from partner manufacturers, phones, tablets, systems such as Android, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Windows, fire tablets, Alexa and more).
  • The 2 platforms have so you can access radio stations or stations . You can also fast-forward songs.

Which is the best? Which one I choose?

Everything will depend on your needs and what you value more than a service. Personally, we believe that Amazon Prime meets the expectations of its customers, despite certain limitations. You have a great ocean of songs, that being honest, its catalog of more than 2 million is quite acceptable.

You can choose the songs, you have the offline option . You also have the services of a private cloud of Prime potos, you have Prime Video at your disposal, without forgetting that you have at your fingertips the benefits that being a subscriber to the Amazon Prime community offers you. Enjoy the benefits of the fast and free shipping system on your products, such as exclusive offers.

You can try Amazon Prime first and if it is not enough, you can jump to Amazon Unlimited Music, since it includes that option in your subscription. We hope that with all this wealth of information, we have managed to dispel your doubts. If you choose one, we would like to know what you think.

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