Streaming music is taking a lot of boom these days, since you can enjoy your favorite audio or video content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on any of your devices, without worrying about the message on your mobile “space insufficient, delete files on your device ”.

This has made many companies create new platforms with streaming, so users continue to enjoy the services they offer, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited are not far behind.

Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify Which is Better? Advantages and Disadvantages of each

In this article we describe the difference between the two platforms, so before joining the services of these two giants, take into account the differences between each one, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Well, let’s start with Spotify.

Will you know who already has Spotify on their device? Surely he has already given you his opinion, after hearing that Spotify has more than 35 million songs, that you can share your favorite music on social networks and also that it has a free mode, you are already convinced that Spotify is incomparable. Well, not everything is rosy and here we explain why.

Spotify is the best?

Spotify was created in 2006 and since then its constant evolution has enchanted millions of people , for 2016 it is the most used streaming application competing with the largest such as iTunes, Pandora and of course Amazon Music Unlimited.

Since before its launch in 2008 it was believed that it would not go far, not only because of its wide competition, as well as that its business model is strongly criticized, despite everything, the progress it has made is impressive, some of its advantages are:

  • Listen to music and videos via streaming completely free.
  • It allows integrating third-party services to add more functionalities.
  • Share songs through your social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • It has Podcasts.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Best recommendations for you to listen to.

silueta negra de persona escuchando spotify con audifonos

It certainly has many advantages, right? Maybe we already convinced you not to waste any more time and go to Google Play to download Spotify, not so fast! here’s the other side of the tortilla.

Disadvantages of Spotify

  • You listen to music for free with Spotify free , but with ads that interrupt the experience.
  • Spotify free does not offer to download music to MP3.
  • The audio quality of Spotify free is AAC 128kbit / s, low compared to its premium version.
  • It only allows to listen to music in random.
  • There are many songs that you will not be able to play if you are not a premium user.

Clar, or with the premium version everything changes, the advantages we mentioned are tempting, so a small investment will not be a bad idea, but before making a decision, let us tell you about Amazon Music Unlimited.

Is Amazon Music Unlimited the best?

Amazon Music Unlimited created in 2007, has come a long way in recent years, exceeding 32 million subscribers , creating different functions so that you can enjoy the content as well as possible. Some of its advantages are:

  • For 9.99 euros a month you can enjoy 60 million songs.
  • It is ad-free even in its free trial version.
  • Allows MP3 download.
  • It has hands-free mode.
  • There is no difference in audio quality, whether in the free or paid trial.
  • It is compatible with all devices.

chica disfrutando musica de amazon music unlimited con audifonos

Sounds good right? It has a very wide musical repertoire and does not have annoying ads and the 3-month free offer is phenomenal, but you must know the disadvantages of being a user.

Disadvantages of Amazon Music Unlimited

  • You can only listen to 40 hours of music per month.
  • It does not have a podcast.
  • You cannot create custom playlists.

Amazon has many resources, we can be sure that any disadvantage will be solved shortly. With Spotify you can be a free user for an unlimited time, while on Amazon the magic ends after three months, both have the same price, but the difference in the music catalog is obvious. In conclusion, which one is better?

We leave this to your discretion, maybe you will not be bothered by the ads of the free version of Spotify , or you need better sound and image quality, so you decide if you go for Amazon Music Unlimited or for Spotify. We hope this article has cleared up any doubts, read on to learn more about these two streaming giants.

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