If you are a content creator on YouTube, you will know that it is very important to enrich the quality of your videos on YouTube , and in order to do so we will teach you small tools that will help you.

It is about the cards and annotations, these characteristics can be combined with your videos to provide a better user experience. Still don’t know how to add these cards and annotations to your videos? Fear not, we will show you how to do it step by step. But first we will teach you a little about annotations and cards.

What are annotations on YouTube videos?

Annotations on YouTube videos are tools that allow users or consumers to have a better interaction with the channel . Annotations enable text layers, links, and video hotspots. This allows each user to leave comments and notes for the improvement of the channel. Can’t you create it? We teach you how to do it.

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Create an annotation

  1. As a first step, go to the ” Video Manager ” of your channel.
  2. Then, right on the video you want to edit, you click on the down arrow that you find to the right of the “Edit” button.
  3. Select the “Annotations” option.
  4. Click on the option ” Add annotation “, this button is located on the right side.
  5. When you finish creating the annotation, click on “Apply changes” and that’s it.

Edit and customize annotations

Next, we will show you how to add, customize and edit the annotations you make to your YouTube videos. Remember that customizing your annotations will allow your videos to convey personality. To customize you can choose between 5 options which are:

  • Speech bubble : this option allows you to create pop-up speech bubbles with texts.
  • Highlighted area : with this option you can highlight the desired areas of a video, and when the viewer slides the mouse over it, the text you want to place will appear.
  • Note : creating a note will allow you to create pop-up text boxes.
  • Title : This option will allow you to apply a text overlay for the title of the video you want.
  • Tags : Tags give you the opportunity to highlight any part of the video you want and give it a name.

Add a link to your annotation

To add a link to your YouTube video annotation, you must check the “Link” box below the “Start” and “End” options, copy the link and save the changes. The annotation can link to any video whether it’s from your channel, fundraising site, or a playlist.

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What are the cards in YouTube videos?

Cards are the evolution of annotations that work through mobile devices, although they are not so visible, which is a disadvantage, it allows you the option of adding a maximum of 5 cards per video on YouTube, incredible, don’t you think? There are several types of cards among them are:

Playlist or video cards

This type of cards in YouTube videos are capable of linking another video, you can also anchor it when creating your public playlist and may interest your viewers. To create it, you must add the URL of the video and the card redirects directly.

Channel card

The channel card is all those in charge of directing viewers to a YouTube channel directly and specifically.

Link card

  • Associated site card : these link cards are the ones that direct the viewer to a certain website from the video.
  • Merchandise cards : these types of cards are used to promote licensed products from videos.

Steps to add a card to a video

  1. As a first step you must log in and enter the ” Video Manager “.
  2. Find the video you want to add the cards to and select the “Edit” option.
  3. Click on the “Cards” option.
  4. Select “Add card.”
  5. Press the “Create” option.
  6. Enter the URL .
  7. Select “Create card” and you’re done.
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